HelioProtection PV Solutions


Mersen has developed dedicated solutions for safer and more reliable solar installations: the HelioProtection® Program. Innovative solutions in this program include fuses and fuse holders, surge protective devices, electronic systems for energy management, disconnect switches, cooling devices, bus bars, and wire management.















Crimp Cap Termination for HelioProtection HP10M and HP15M Fuses

Mersen’s HP10M and HP15M HelioProtection photovoltaic fuses are engineered specifically for the protection of PV systems. Mersen’s new crimp cap termination for HP10M and HP15M fuses enables users to attach wires directly to the fuses. This eliminates the need for a fuse holder and allows an overmolded enclosure. UL Recognized.

Download Crimp Cap Termination Data Sheet



First Comprehensive Portfolio of 1500 VDC PV Components

Mersen’s comprehensive portfolio of 1500VDC components includes string and NH style fuses, supporting fuse gear, surge protective devices (SPDs), power distribution blocks (PDBs), and switches. Customers can continue to trust Mersen for outstanding customer service, technical support, and flexible delivery windows to support the rapidly growing and consistently evolving PV market.  

Download 1500VDC line card

UltraSafe US15M HelioProtection Photovoltaic Fuseholder

HP15M PV Fuses

HP15G PV Fuses

1500VDC Power Distribution Block

1500VDC Surge Protective Device

1500VDC Switch

HP15NH 1500VDC NH Fuse

HP10J: The solar industry’s most efficient 1000VDC fuses

Mersen’s HP10J photovoltaic (PV) fuse series was engineered specifically for the protection of photovoltaic systems. The 1000VDC rated HP10J was designed for low minimum breaking capacity capabilities of 1.35 times the fuse rated current value and allows for safe circuit interruption under typical low fault current conditions produced by PV arrays. Now offered in 3 frame sizes.


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