Choosing the Right Disconnect Switch is Easy with Select-A-Switch Online

Quickly and accurately find the right disconnect switch for your applicaiton

Mersen, formerly Ferraz Shawmut, recently announced the availability of Mersen Select-A-Switch®. The newest member of the "Select-A" family, this online tool will help you quickly and accurately choose the right disconnect switch for your application.

Mersen’s Select-A-Switch lets you:

  • Review Mersen’s product data specifications by clicking on the catalog link, which will provide you with the most up-to-date technical information.
  • Access Select-A-Enclosed Switch and Select-A-Elevator Switch. Mersen Select-A-Elevator Switch allows you to create a part number to accommodate an Elevator switch specification, or lets you type in a competitor’s part number to find Mersen’s solution.

Mersen offers both UL98 and UL508, fused and non-fused disconnect switches. Whether it’s for motor protection, as a means to safely disconnect power to a downstream device, or a way to meet today’s code requirements, Select-A-Switch® Online will save you time and effort, and best of all, it's free.

Select-A-Switch is the newest member of Mersen’s “Select-A” family, comprised of Mersen's Select-A-FuseSelect-A-Fuse® Online® and Select-A-SPD®. With Select-A-Fuse, you can quickly and accurately choose the right overcurrent fuse protection for low- and medium-voltage motors, power and control transformers, and general loads. Mersen's Select-A-SPD helps you select the right Surge Protection Device (SPD) for your equipment. Mersen's Surge-Trap® product line offers a world-class suite of surge protection devices designed to protect your facility from harmful and preventable surge damage.
“Mersen’s Select-A-Fuse and Select-A-SPD are extremely popular among customers, and help people make the right choices for electrical protection,“ states Stephen Colvin, VP of Marketing. “We’re delighted to offer the new Select-A-Switch to give customers a simple, online method to select the appropriate switch for their needs.”

Visit Mersen’s website to access Mersen Select-A-Switch, Mersen Select-A-Fuse, and Mersen Select-A-SPD. For additional information and resources on electrical protection, visit 

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