DC fuses and Hybrid Over Current Protection Devices to manage DC current protection and operation

Mersen offers a wide range of DC overcurrent protection (OCP) solutions based upon DC fuse proven technology enhanced by two new disruptive hybrid devices: 

• DC Fuses have been fully tested in DC conditions to guarantee a fast protection in case of large fault currents. 

• Hybrid and resettable protection technologies ensure a reliable protection for both small and large fault currents. 

• DC Overcurrent Protective Device guarantee excellent cycling performance


DC Protection for Electric Vehicles and Battery Applications

Smart monitoring bus bar solutions for battery pack

Voltage and temperature management of on-board batteries are of utmost importance for the safe operation of an electric vehicle. Electric vehicle battery monitoring laminated bus bars from Mersen incorporate power and monitoring signals into a single compact and reliable platform, improving the safe operation of onboard batteries. Thanks to their integrated design, monitoring bus bars help to cut installation time, eliminate wiring error, reduce inductance, and improve thermal management.



Liquid cooled heat sinks for thermal management

Custom designed robust, reliable and compact cold plates are a must for cooling batteries or supercapacitor banks as well as inverters in mobile or stationary EES systems.




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