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Hybrid DC Overcurrent Protection

Hybrid DC Overcurrent Protection
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  • DC application focused design
  • Extremely low watt losses (~20W /400A)
  • Excellent cycling performance
  • Ultra-fast acting (300 µs)
  • Small footprint
  • Large inrush current 15IN for 100ms
  • Self-triggered and/or external triggering
  • Tunable Time-Current curve and Minimum Breaking Capacity (MBC) value



Xp product line-up is part of the new hybrid DC Over-Current Protection (O.C.P.) range developed by Mersen. Xp features a high cycling performance DC protection device that can clear both high and low-fault current at 1,000 VDC in less than 1 ms, providing maximum flexibility in equipment design and ultimate protection. They have been engineered to provide protection for DC applications: Battery Energy Storage, EV/HEV, Smart-grid, PV installations, etc. The Xp system is composed of a fast acting pyro element, controlled by a gate current, plus a parallel clearing element. This protection meets custom requirements of very fast operating time and very high overload current.

  • EV/HEV
  • Battery Energy Storage
  • PV installations (1,500VDC in development)
  • Supercapacitors bank
  • DC General Purposes
  • Remote Power Switch Contactor