June 5, 2013


Now available for order, the MPDB series is an upgrade to the old-generation product by:


1. The new MPDB series will be UL Listed (as opposed to UL Recognized)


UL Listing means the product is suitable for all applications without question (there are no conditions of acceptability). Many other products on the market are UL Recognized. UL Recognized components must be evaluated and approved by UL authority in the end use application. The MPDB UL Listing approval saves you and your customers time and money when selecting and installing PDB’s. It’s just plain easier.


2. The new MPDB series will showcase a new optional hinged safety cover


Meet the trend for increased electrical safety and reduction of shock hazards by adding a safety cover to your PDB. The optional safety cover snaps easily into the MPDB. No tools are required. 


Product Transition from Old to New

With the introduction of the next-generation MPDB series, the old-generation PDBs (62, 63, 66, 67, 68 and 69 series terminal blocks) will be discontinued. Act now, upgrade to the new MPDB series power distribution blocks for no additional charge.


Literature and tools are available on the Mersen website:

Visit the MPDB Catalog Page 


Tools include Data Sheets, Outline Drawings, 3D models, Cross Reference Information, Dimensional Comparisons, Torque and Spec Information, UL Reference Information, SCCR Tables, etc…


For questions, please call our live technical support group at 416-252-9381 (ext. 3) or email technicalservices.tor(at)

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