Select-An-Enclosure® Application

Find the Perfect Enclosure for your Application

Mersen Select-An-Enclosure® will help you select the proper housing for many kinds of industrial, commercial, public service, utility applications. The application contains data and information on 800+ Mersen Canada Toronto Inc. non-metallic industrial enclosures, and complements Mersen Non-Metallic Industrial Enclosures catalogue. Contact the manufacturer for full details and a copy of your catalogue.


Features and Benefits: 

  • Select enclosures by physical size using metric or imperial units
  • Look-up cabinets by height, width and depth applying appropriate search sequence
  • Save assemblies including enclosure, mounting plates and other accessories
  • Cabinets can be ordered with preformed cutouts to suit your application
  • Customer specific developments for all your applications and requirements such as EMC shields, coupling facilities in vertical and horizontal direction, all colors etc.
  • Cabinets can be factory equipped and wired according to the customers requirements
  • Submit requests for quotation



Download Select-An-Enclosure® Version 1.0 Installation Wizard - Windows Application




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