Laminated Bus bar Solutions

Laminated Bus bar Solutions<span>Reduce costs, improve reliability, increase capacitance, and more</span>


    Laminated bus bars are engineered components consisting of layers of fabricated copper separated by thin dielectric materials, laminated into a unified structure. Mersen laminated bus bars offer many advantages, including reduced system costs and improved reliability. Sizes and applications range from surface mounted bus bars the size of a fingertip to multilayer bus bars that exceed 20 feet in length. Laminated bus bar solutions are routinely used for low volumes up through tens of thousands per week. Laminated bus bars are used in the following industries: power electronics, alternative energy, transportation, military, industrial, computers, and telecommunications. Visit Mersen's Power Electronics Toolkit for all of your power electronics bundling needs.



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    • Power Electronics, Note 1: Enhancing Power Electronics Converters with passive power electronics components
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