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Power Generation: DC Excitation Control Circuits

Mersen’s Lenoir Elec CEX contactors provide a complete solution for switching excitation circuits for motors and generators.

Power Generation: DC Excitation Control Circuits
Features and Benefits Core Product Range and Options

Features and Benefits

  • Mersen provides a complete solution for excitation system switching
  • Mersen provides highly engineered and customizable connections, enclosures and control/indication interfaces for these contactors
  • Long mechanical and electrical contact life— up to 3 million operations
  • High performance making or breaking capacities, utilizing magnetic arc blowout to interrupt current in regardless of polarity

Core Product Range and Options

  • CEX contactor systems, up to 6200A, application voltage up to 3kV, and up to 4 main poles, and 2 overlapping poles for discharge resistors
  • Up to 6 auxiliary contact sets and locking features
  • Flexible operation with AC or DC controls, mechanical latching with single or double electrical release