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Mersen was already supplying internal battery pack protection fuses but the customer needed to improve/enhance protection of the overall robotic system. The fuses needed to not only protect the overall system but needed to coordinate with the battery pack fuses.


A15QS80-4 High Speed Fuse

  • Fast acting
  • Current limiting
  • Low I2t


  • A very detailed analysis was performed by the Mersen principal solutions engineer/fuse applications expert
  • Upon completion of fuse selection, Mersen’s Newburyport High Power Test Lab team conducted testing to prove out the design and coordination among the fuses
  • Technical discussions continued for 6 months between the customer, the technical service teams, PE solutions engineers, Mersen sales representatives and with the finalization of the test analysis, the Robotics Manufacturer approved the technical solution
  • Approximately 4 years after the after initial analysis was completed and Mersen’s fuse solution accepted, the Robotics manufacturer contacted Mersen to request large quantity pricing and additional substantial annual requirements after year one
  • Once the design aspect of the project was completed, the Mersen team continued to provide local assistance to the customer’s contract manufacturer who took over the project in China.  A harmonized effort was developed to coordinate logistical support globally between the US and Asia involving our product management and sales team in both areas as well as associates from international
  • business development and PE solutions engineering
  • Many individuals from many Mersen departments with different responsibilities covering two continents touched this project and made it a success through constant communication and collaboration with our partners