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High Power Switching, Protection, & Control Products

Engineered to meet your needs


High Power Switches are necessary and critical to your operation. Not only do they help protect your people from injury, they help protect your equipment and processes, and minimize the risk of costly downtime and repairs.

For more than 100 years, Mersen has provided the market with safe, reliable and longer life on-load switches and off-load disconnectors. These devices offer high performance, robust operation for heavy duty requirements with very limited maintenance. Mersen offers one of the largest product ranges and is the worldwide leader in the market. Mersen has the switch solution that will meet your unique needs.

Why Choose Mersen?

• Expert knowledge in DC Applications
• Full team of electrical and mechanical professional engineers on site
• Experienced licensed  electricians/ technicians on site
• Retrofitting capabilities
• Expertise in applicable codes and standards
• Technical consulting / support 
• Lifecycle management
• Commissioning
• Repair and Maintenance
• Troubleshooting
• Replacement parts
• User training
• Flexible technical solutions
• Configurable products
• Compact design/build
• Modular solutions
• System solutions approach
• Turnkey equipment
• Over 2 decades industry experience
• Global presence
• Servicing multiple vertical markets
• In-house custom   manufacturing facility
• In-house High Power Test Lab
• Established supply base
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Products and Applications for Target Market Segments


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MARKET SEGMENT Rail and Traction Power Power Generation & Conversion High Power Utilization Low Voltage Protection & Control for Critical Loads within Utility Infrastructure
(Customized Solutions)
Low Voltage Protection & Control for Critical Loads within Building Infrastructure
(Configurable Panels)
PRODUCTS Load break/isolation switches with visible blades
• Changeover and quick closing grounding switchgear
• Load break contactors
• Auxiliary power and control systems
• AC/DC Changeover or Grounding Switches
• AC/DC Changeover or Isolation Power Transfer Systems
• DC Excitation Contactors
• DC Isolation Switches
• DC switches for bypass and shorting/grounding
• Changeover switches
• Fuse Cabinets
• Custom Control Enclosures
• Automatic Transfer Switches
• Metering Cabinets
• Safety Switches
• Generator Plug Box
• Custom and Configurable Panels (ES, MES, FCP, QMB, CPP, EDS Panels)
SOLUTIONS/ APPLICATIONS • Traction Power Substation / Wayside Distribution
• Traction Power Onload / Offload Local Isolation of the DC Distribution Systems
• Heavy/Light Rail Vehicles Carhouse DC Distribution for maintenance
• Auxiliary load protection/control
• Load break/isolation, grounding applications
• Power Generation Plant Generator Output
• AC/DC Power Conversion Plants
• Generator Step Up Substations
• Switchgear / Contactors for Field Excitation Systems
• Metals Processing
(copper, alum, steel, etc.) rectifier output or DC Arc furnaces isolation
• Mining rectifier output
• Chemical electrolysis cell isolation, bypass and shorting / grounding
• Medium Voltage (MV) Isolation / Grounding for Motors / Drives
• Energy Storage Systems Isolation
• Utility System Control Circuits
• Utility / Industrial Custom Fuse Protection
• Harsh, corrosive, low temperature  environment applications 
• Lighting Controls
• Emergency back up generator interface systems
• Construction (Critical infrastructure such as hospitals, warehouse data centers, government buildings)
• Critical Power Applications
• Emergency circuits
• Code solutions
• Utility control circuits



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Contacting an Expert

It's easy to get directly in touch with a Mersen Expert for High Power Switches!

  • Click the "Ask an Expert" button.
  • Select your country from the pull-down menu.
  • Choose “High Power Switches" from the pull-down menu as your Product Family. Once you've chosen a product family, contact information for your country's Customer Service and Technical Services will now become visible.
  • Under “Technical & Application Support,” click on “email a Mersen Expert.” After entering some simple contact information (name, company name, state, email, and phone number), you will have the opportunity to send a message directly to our product experts. You can also opt in to receiving communications from Mersen.

High Power Switching, Protection, & Control Products