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Press Pack Cooling


Press-pack IGBTs are an alternative to isolated-base plastic modules. It has a multi-layered structure; the internal electrical and thermal contact are maintained by external clamping force along with internal disc springs. These devices are inherently robust with phenomenal thermal cycling endurance, double sided cooling and ruggedness in failures without package rupture.

Mersen has mastered vacuum brazing technology for Press-Pack double-side liquid cooled solutions to achieve guaranteed water tightness with no seams, robustness, corrosion free, and excellent thermal performance.


  • Dual-side cooling
  • High thermal performance
  • Compact size
  • Leak and corrosion free construction to last decades
  • High pressure withstanding


  • Converters for High-Voltage Direct-Current (HVDC) or Flexible Alternative Current Transmission Systems (FACTS) electricity transmission
  • Static VAR Compensators (SVCs)
  • Medium-Voltage Inverters
  • Various megawatt applications