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Traction Power Disconnect Switches and Contactors

Mersen has a long history within the electric rail industry, supplying high power switches, contactors, power transfer equipment, fuses and advanced materials. Utilizing technologies from Berg, Soule, and Lenoir Elec, Mersen supplies comprehensive solutions for DC rail power transfer and isolation. Solutions are available for at high currents, and application voltage up to 3000VDC. Switches are used at rectifier output, catenary and third rail isolation, DC changeover switches, and AC medium voltage disconnect switches at transformer input. Power protection and control cabinets are also available for custom and specific applications.

Traction Power Disconnect Switches and Contactors
Features and Benefits Core Product Range and Options

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible installation and application: factory adaptable connection plates and corrosion resistant versions available
  • Mersen provides highly engineered and customizable enclosures and control/indication interfaces
  • Silver contacts provide long mechanical and electrical contact life, and low watts loss, which is important for enclosed applications
  • Switches provide visible open point, and grounding provision for safety during maintenance

Core Product Range and Options

  • HA/HAS Range of switches carries up to 3.75kA, up to 36kVAC, up to 175Hz, flexible pole configuration (1-3 poles, standard)
  • Changeover and quick closing grounding options available with ETM and HUVS
  • Manual, motor, or pneumatic operation available, along with up to 6 auxiliary contact sets and locking features
  • FA Range of switches carries up to 8kA, up to 3kV, flexible pole configuration (1-10 poles)
  • Lenoir Elec contactors carries up to 8kA, up to 1000VDC, up to 175Hz, flexible pole configuration (1-3 poles, standard)
  • Assembly of main poles in various numbers, with similar or different ratings, with or without mechanical overlapping, and with or without magnetic blowout
  • Multiple auxiliary contact configurations available, instant normally open or normally closed, with or without overlapping, with blowout (for DC control circuits) or without blowout, delayed on opening or on closing of contactor
  • Assembly of a mechanical latching with single or double electrical release, with or without tripping coil(s)