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  • Complies to Automotive IATF 16949:2016 Quality System
  • IEC 60 269-4
  • ISO 8820-8
  • JAS0 D622


EVpack-fuse line-up belongs to Mersen’s DC Over-Current protection (O.C.P.) portfolio specifically developed to address on-board electric and hybrid vehicles applications.
EVpack-fuse provides the ultimate protection by offering reliable clearing of DC fault currents in challenging environments and complies with the high-quality requirements of the automotive industry.
The MEV55C has specifically engineered and tested to provide best-in-class protection performance for auxiliary circuits: Up to 550VDC, Current rating (In)= 5 to 50A, Interrupting Rating (IR) = 20kA,L/R ≤1ms, Minimum Breaking Capacity (MBC) as low as 2xIn for a perfect matching with cable protection.
The MEV50A has been specifically engineered and tested to provide best-in-class protection performance for main battery and on-board charging protection: Up to 500VDC, Current rating (In)= 60 to 800A, Interrupting Rating (IR) = 30kA, L/R ≤ 2.5ms, Minimum Breaking Capacity (MBC) as low as 2xIn or a perfect matching with DC contactor.

Plus de caractéristiques


  • EV/HEV
  • Battery pack protection
  • Battery Disconnect Unit (BDU)
  • Battery Management Systm (BMS)
  • Battery Junction Box for auxiliaries
  • On-Board Charging

Caractéristiques produit

Numéro d'article


Numéro de catalogue



Fusible Evpack 500VDC UL 500VDC CEI 150A Taille 25G Pouvoir de coupure max. DC: 30 kA @ 500 V, L/R ≤ 2.5 ms Boulonné  

Code EAN / UPC


Tension nominale DC UL

500   V

Tension nominale DC CEI

500   V

Courant assigné

150   A

Conforme à ROHS


AC ou DC




Taille du fusible




I2t de fusion

4610   A²s

Pouvoir de coupure DC nominal maximal

30 kA @ 500 V, L/R ≤ 2.5ms  

Temps maximal pour la coupure minimale (MBC)

0.5   s

Pouvoir de coupure DC minimal (MBC)

750 A @ 500 VDC, ≤ 2.5 ms  

I2t de coupure totale DC

51000 A²s  

Dissipation thermique à la valeur de courant intermédiaire

3.1 W @ 0.5 In  

Connexion / Matériel terminal

Cuivre étamé  

Type de Connexion / Borne


Matériau isolant / corps


Poids du produit

0.075   kg

Diamètre du produit

25   mm

Longueur du produit

92   mm

Quantité du pack de vente

12   EA

Poids du pack de vente

0.9   kg

Largeur du pack de vente

271   mm

Longueur du pack de vente

159   mm

Hauteur du pack de vente

90   mm